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Brenna, CGC ~ BRENNA



Brenna, after six months in her foster home, continues to be totally wonderful. She LOVES all people and enjoys all well mannered dogs. If a rude dog runs up to her and gets into her face, she has a thing or two to say about it. Think how you would feel if another human came running up to you and invaded your space. You would grumble too.

She loves chasing balls and playing keep-away.

Brenna's forever home needs to have a secure, solid fence. This wonderful little dog has a perchance for "walking about" if her nose catches a whiff of something she just has to investigate.

A home without cats is a must. Although her foster home does not believe she wants to kill the kitty, it is more over exuberance in chasing the moving kitty that might cause harm.

She has received her Canine Good Citizenship certificate which means she is socially acceptable in most situations. :-)

She has had numerous obedience training classes and is very interested in figuring out what she needs to do to get the treat.

Because of her wonderful, soft temperament, she will be beginning therapy dog classes in the near future.

Can you provide Brenna with the things she needs? Balls, fence, good treats, continuing obedience classes and a bed big enough to share with her? If so, please contact her foster home and see if you have what it takes for her foster home to give her up.

Watch Brenna in action HERE.

Brenna is a 4 year old, smooth coat, tri colored border collie mix. What is she mixed with? Sweetness!

In Brenna's previous life, she spent a lot of her 4 years outside in a pen. Brenna LOVES people and greets everyone with a friendly tail and wiggly body.

Brenna is 99 percent wonderful. But, like most of us, is not perfect. Her passion in life is to chase and possibly harm cats so a no cat home is a requirement of her placement.

Now, the 99 percent of her that is wonderful includes: great with other dogs, wonderful with people and children ten years and up, loves to chase balls and bring them back, even placing them in your hand most of the time. While she is not crazy about going into her crate, she is quiet once in there. She walks well on an easy-walk harness and loves to be outdoors. She also seems to enjoy the occasional car ride.

Brenna is lightning fast when chasing her toys so a solid fence will be a requirement of her forever home. With her speed, she would be gone in an instant if she got a scent of something feline.

Brenna is a delightful young dog that is looking for her own family who will love her and spoil her in the way she deserves.

Brenna is being fostered in western New Hampshire.

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