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The wonderful news is that Harp, who was rescued from deplorable conditions where he had to live outside and learned only how to fear people, is now a new dog. He no longer needs to be rescued, he no longer needs to be rehabilitated, and he doesn't need coaxing to simply enjoy life. Harp just knows how to be a joyful dog now.

Below is a video of Harp to showing you just how much of a changed dog he is:

The somber news is that even the new Harp will ALWAYS be a special needs dog. His enjoyment of life will always be on his terms. He will require a home that understands he will always be skittish and startle easily.

Harp needs patience and soft handling and gentle guidance in his life. He will always have fears and he will always revert to fearful behaviors when he is overwhelmed, even toward the people he trusts. He will need his new family to love him exactly the way he is without expectations he will ever be different, but who always celebrate any brave successes he has, no matter how small.

Harp is now somewhere between 5 to 6 years old, but he still has a gorgeous red and white coat that will require regular grooming. Thankfully, Harp is much better about tolerating gentle brushing and other handling.

Since his heart worm treatment concluded, he has returned to playing, running, leaping, chasing, and barking full tilt. He has learned how to fetch a toy and bring it back most of the time when called. He has learned to lie down on cue, he comes running back when called and when asked he knows to wait patiently when playing fetch even when his foster brother takes off running. Even through his months of heart worm treatment and restricted exercise, as well as some other recent changes to the routine of his life, he has taken it all in stride and had zero set backs in his behavior. Progress is still measured in baby steps, and some days he still surprises his foster mom with new decisions to be brave.


Harp is now jokingly referred to as "the social butterfly" since he will often approach even a total stranger to be petted. He remains cautions and will flinch away from sudden movements and hide away from overzealous attention, but he seeks out, sometimes quite insistently, head rubs and scratches from most anyone that will calmly oblige him. It is amazing when comparing this new Harp to the Harp that would reacted extremely fearfully and run away from any interactions with all people when he first entered rescue almost 2 years ago.

Additional requirements of Harp's adoption include:

  • At least one other friendly, confident dog

  • Extensive knowledge of and hands-on experience with positive reinforcement (+R) based training methods

  • Plans to attend +R training classes, ideally with an instructor familiar with fearful dogs

  • No children under the age of 10

  • No invisible fence (a hard fence is not required depending on location)

  • ...and lastly, but most importantly, infinite PATIENCE

Harp is still enjoying life on a raw diet and would love his new family to continue this diet with him. If you need more information, you can learn more about it here: http://rawfed.com/myths/feedraw.html or ask Harp's foster mom.

Harp is currently being fostered in NH.

You must have an approved application on file to be considered for any adoptable dog.

Please submit your application BEFORE inquiring about a particular dog.


And don't forget to check out the NEBCR Foster Dog Blog for even more updates on the terrific dogs available for adoption!


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