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Hi, I'm Jess. I just recently found myself in a mid life crisis looking for a new home. Now don't be feeling all sad 'cause I'm just one of those dogs that takes whatever life sends my way without skipping a beat. Right now I'm staying in a foster home with 3 Border Collie sisters and a couple cats. They're pretty cool, we all go out and play chase games in the field then jump into the pond to cool off.

I'm a happy go lucky confident kinda gal, if I have a ball/frisbee I could play all day yet very content to settle in the house. I love exploring new places, the beach, wooded trails doesn't matter I always find something interesting to check out. I do very well off leash in fact until recently I hadn't even been on leash. Good thing I have an awesome recall!! Yeah at first I protested a bit til I realized it was just a way to keep my person connected to me. Because you know I really love being with my people just hanging out, helping with whatever they're doing.

Sometimes my foster Mom calls me baby girl; I'm in great shape at 36lbs with on alert ears and knowing eyes. My stunning black/white smooth coat makes it super easy to take care of me too.

Some of my favorite activities include running, walking, hiking, swimming and of course playing ball and being silly. While I'm not considered a hyper dog I need a good hour of daily exercise to keep me happy and focused. I'm crate trained and toy motivated, pleasing you is on the top of my list each and every day.

Check me out in action!

You can tell from my photos/videos I'm pretty special. I'm a balanced, well adjusted dog who loves everyone and just enjoys life to it's fullest. I'll be looking for an active family that's busy just like me. At night I like nothing more that to curl up on the bottom of the bed resting my head on your leg. I'd make a great only dog as my people are my first priority. In fact now and then I will tell my foster sisters that I perfer Mom all to myself by lifting a lip. But hey, I'm all show I'd never actually bite anyone.

I've been on lots of adventures lately like visiting the pet store. OMG you should have seen the toys, I couldn't believe my eyes. I did a great job of checking them all out. My foster Mom knows all these great places to take pups like me. We checked out a few pet friendly stores, a bank (needed cash for the pet store), walked on city streets, went to a shipping warehouse too.

But my biggest adventure was at a farm where a Border Collie event was being held. I got to romp and play with 40+ BCs, walk the trails and listen to this I, Jess got to try sheep herding. That was sooooo much fun, loved it!! It was a little scary at first but my foster Mom said she was very proud of me.

If you've been looking for a dog with trainablilty, loyalty and intellegience but in a smaller more manageable sized package, I'm your girl.

Well thanks for reading my bio and remember I'm a very busy gal so check the foster dog blog for the updates I'll be posting.

Jess is being fostered in Southern Maine.

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