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Katie Grace ~ ADOPTED



Katherine Grace (Katie for short!) is a 9 year old smooth coat border collie. Found as a stray in Connecticut she made her way to New England Border Collie Rescue as she wasn't doing well in a shelter environment.

Katie can be nervous when meeting new people, and will bark. However, if you sit back and ignore her...toss her treats and let her relax and approach you in her own time she's fine. Once she warms up to you you have a friend for life!

Katie is good with other dogs but is a typical female border collie and likes to keep the other dogs in line. She is fair about this and will do fine living with other dogs.

She is living with cats in her foster home and although unsure about them at first she has adjusted well and having no problems living with them, despite her joy of chasing squirrels in the yard and on her walks!

Katie enjoys taking easy hikes and walks on the beach. She has been attending training classes and is quickly picking up new skills - training classes are great even with older dogs as it really helps them learn to be more comfortable in new environments and around new people, and also helps them keep their brains exercised!

Katie can be independent and is quite happy to go off and explore if left to her own devices. For this reason she will need a fenced yard and to be exercised on-leash or on a long line until she has a reliable recall.

Katie came into rescue a bit overweight and has been on a diet and fitness program. She is currently doing very well on a raw diet (learn more here: http://rawlearning.com/rawfaq.html)

Here's what Katie has to say about life in her foster home:
"Life on the Maine coast is nice. It's summer now and I've been spending my days in the sunshine hanging out with my two step-brothers. I like to refer to them as my servants and I'm teaching them manners and how to behave politely around a mature girl.

I'm about 9 years old so I don't need that wild and crazy lifestyle of puppy wrestling, running for miles on end, or trying to prove myself on an agility coarse. I'm perfectly happy with long leisurely walks through the woods or on the beach. I very much enjoy hanging out in the yard watching the birds & squirrels too. I think squirrels should always be in trees however, so when I see them on the ground I love to chase them. I'm really good at it too. But my favorite activity is just being where ever my person is...ohh and getting treats...I love getting treats from my person too."

We are looking for a home for Katie that will continue to work with her to boost her confidence around new people, and will continue her fitness program of gradual exercise to help her get back into shape.

Katie is being fostered in Maine.

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