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Kep is my name, short for Kepler, but I will respond to whatever you'd like to call me.  Most people just call me "Heissuchagooddog."  I'm not sure what that means, but I always get pets and scratches when they say it, so it must be a good thing. Foster Mom calls me KepKep and Goodboy, because I always am.

Speaking of good things, can we play frisbee while we chat here?  I LOOOVE playing frisbee...I swear I can talk and catch at the same time! 

I am an older pup but I still really love playing fetch as much as we can and I like to go for hikes, but I like to relax too and just hang out with my foster mom and watch her work on her garden or as she cleans up, or I'll just take a nap.  I don't have any interest in going anywhere without my foster mom so I don't need a fence.  I'll walk around the yard and scope out a good spot to plop down...I will keep the frisbee nearby though just in case.

I have good manners and know all the basic tricks. I sit quickly when asked and I turn on a dime when my foster mom calls me.  I love to get belly rubs and being brushed is awesome.  Baths are not much fun, but I am still suchagooddog during them anyway. 

However, I've decided that swimming is great!  And I learned how to do that recently with the help of a doggie life jacket and the frisbee. 

I am generally relaxed and easy-going and I get along with other dogs.  I've decided that my foster brother and sister are good fun to play tug with and we all take turns fetching the frisbee, although I almost always get there first. 

I was given medicine for an infection I had in my neck, but it is already healed up really well, and I'm currently on medicine because I tested positive for Lyme.  I have some stiffness and soreness in my hips, but hopefully the medicine will make me feel better.  I am currently on a glucosamine supplement to help my hips as well.  I try not to let these things slow me down and I still race around the yard or on the trails with my foster siblings, and I have maintained that suchagooddog thing throughout...including at my vet appointments.  I even gave the vet tech a kiss on the nose!

I love to meet all people with a little waggy tail and snuggle up for pets. I am most drawn to men, but I really like anyone.  However, I am not very good with young children and especially since I have sore hips I would prefer to be in a home with only adults. 

I currently enjoy being fed the prey model raw diet and I'm doing exceptionally well on it.  I have slimmed down a few pounds (I'm about 36lbs now) and I have more energy now to chase after that frisbee.  Ideally I would love to stay on this diet and you can learn more about it here: http://rawfed.com/myths/feedraw.html or you can ask my foster mom (aka "lady who operates the magical cold box full of meat in the garage") and she will answer any questions you may have!

I look forward to meeting you...please come prepared to throw a frisbee!

I'm currently being fostered in CT.


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