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Kramer ~ ADOPTED


My name is Kramer, and I used to be a city dog in the Big Apple. One day I found myself in a place with many loud dogs and scary strangers. They call it a city animal shelter, I think. I was upset and unsure of what was going on since my owners were not there.

I didn't know what the strange people where doing but I later found out it was a "test"...and that I had "failed" because I was so scared of everything and wasn't as outgoing and friendly as they wanted even though I wasn't behaving badly either.

I don't know what it means when you fail a city shelter test, but it can't be good, I guess. Thankfully, I didn't find out because NEBCR volunteers whipped up a quick plan to save me from that dreadful place and its very confusing "tests."

I have forgotten that city life because now with my foster family I get to play ball and go hiking and go for long walks and run and chase and snuggle and do all sorts of things that dogs should get to do...and I do just about everything with a lot of zest and enthusiasm!!

As long as I'm comfortable because, see, I am wary of strangers and I find that a lot of things startle me easily. I can't help it... I'm just very sensitive to everything going on around me. If a stranger "pops out of nowhere" I will usually woof at them a few times, not a scary bark, just a "I don't know who you are and I am a little scared of you" woof. If anyone hands me tasty treats, though, I will not hesitate to check it out ...and go back for more if they are to my liking! I will politely sit and I take treats very gently out of the offering hand.

You could call me a Border Collie-Australian Shepherd mix...but only the best of both worlds! I am built half like a BC (the head end) and half like an Aussie (the butt end), but when you watch me run and bounce and jump and bark...all you can see is a silly Aussie.

I am very smart. I have a good sit and stay, and I am quickly picking up on other new tasks asked of me. I LOVE my crate now and I will choose to go in there even when I don't have to!ΚΚ

My foster mother likes to employ the NILIF (Nothing in life is free) philosophy, and it is helping me learn self-control. Instead of barging out of my crate or out the outside door when it is opened, I sit and wait until I get the "OK!"

I go in my crate and sit for dinner time instead of bouncing around like a crazy jumping bean.

I sit to get my foster mom to throw the ball...because biting at the ball in her hand did not prove to get the results I wanted!

When I get all riled up and excited, I'll wing around the yard zoomie-style and barkbarkbark because I'm so happy! I don't try to roam or leave the yard because everything I want is right there for me! However, I don't solicit play with my foster brother or sister, not that they would want me to anyway, but I do play very well along side them. My foster brother and I even take turns fetching the same ball. We don't squabble and we've almost gotten into a game of tug with a jolly ball, but I usually snag it and gallop away with it when I can grab the handle!

I'm a HUGE snuggle bug and I want nothing more than to be close to my foster mother whenever possible. I think I'm a lapdog despite my 45 lb frame. I try to be good though and I give very sweet kisses.

When it is time to relax and hang out inside, I find a good spot and just settle down for a nap. Also, when traveling in the car I'm a perfect angel whether in my crate or in a seat belt.

I'm healthy for the most part except I get very itchy and I have a few patches where some of my fur is missing. My foster mom has altered my diet in case it is a grain allergy, which is very common I'm told, and so I eat a raw meat diet and I only get grain-free treats and chewies.

I may also have a contact allergy to grass...I have a few hot spots and sometimes my feet itch so much that I have to bite at them! The vet agreed that it could be multiple allergies, but for the time being we just getting the inflammation under control and hopefully reducing the allergic reactions with some strong temporary medications before figuring out the exact cause(s) of the itchiness.

However, I don't let the allergies slow me down at all, but the reactions are very irritating and if I have nothing else to do I will scratch and lick and bite at the itchy sore spots unless distracted.

I hope you are looking for a good boy like me because I am just looking for a little love and snuggles and possibly some ball playing and definitely hiking! I do bounce and jump pretty good so I could possibly learn some agility as well! I just need someone that will be patient with me around unknown people.

I think I'd like to take a training class with my new adopter as well, maybe a clicker class specific for 'fraidy-dogs like myself. I think it will greatly help me learn that new people and places aren't so scary!


Kramer is being fostered on the CT shoreline near New Haven.

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