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Lizzie ~ UPDATE


To read more about Lizzie, click here.

Lizzie is one of the most eager dogs her foster home has come across. Eager for what? ANYTHING! Despite her age, Lizzie acts like a pup half her age. At a mere 30lbs, Lizzie is a little pixie who was ready to follow you on your grand adventures 30 minutes ago (Let's GO already!).

Yes, we know she's gorgeous and adorable, but this gal needs a home that will be able to keep up with her - mentally and physically! Lizzie shows great focus on her person and a strong desire to work. Fetch? Training? Tricks? Agility? Herding? Lizzie would like to do all of the above, please! (okay, her fetch needs a little work, but she's game!)

Lizzie does not like to be still for more than a few minutes at a time, unless it's a power nap to get ready for the next activity. She loves to play tug + fetch, working for treats and orbiting around other dogs while they are playing. Lizzie gets along well with the other dogs in her foster home, but thinks cats are tug toys, so she cannot be placed in a home with them.

Lizzie was an outside dog for most of her life, so although she "lived with" children, combined with her herding obsession with/lunging at the cats, her foster home will not place her in a home with young children.


Lizzie will tolerate being brushed for short periods of time and is twitchy with handling/nail-clipping. With her super-thick coat and 'bloomers' down to her toes, regular grooming is a MUST. She is currently shedding fistfuls! Her foster home is working on improving her patience and tolerance with close handling and this will need additional work in her new home.

Lizzie has a fairly solid recall, a good 'drop it', and 'sit'. Her foster home is also working on improving other basic manners and leash walking. Lizzie is mostly crate-trained, meaning that she will enter willingly after some treats have been tossed in. She will also whine for a few minutes, but settle soon after.

Lizzie has tested positive for Lyme and anaplasmosis, though she shows no symptoms of either disease. If symptoms ever do arise, though, a simple and inexpensive 30-day course of antibiotics is all that is needed for treatment. She is UTD on vaccines and has tested negative for heartworm and ehrlichia. Lizzie is house-trained, spayed and microchipped.

Lizzie is being fostered in southern Connecticut.

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