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Let me introduce myself...my name is Rusty. I am a tri colored male Border Collie and I'm looking for a very special home.

Why a special home you ask??? Well, because I am special!

As of today I have been in rescue for two months and boy has my life changed! A new world has been opened up to me and I want more, more, more! Before rescue I spent much of my time tethered or crated, not anymore.

Now I live with my foster Mom, Dad, 3 BC sisters and 2 cats (more on them later). Although I sometimes get the urge to chase a car if to close to the road, I now love racing around the field behind the house with my new sisters. We play fetch, frisbee, tug and tag. My recall is great because I always get treats for that!

I have taken a 6 week Canine Good Citizen class and passed. http://www.akc.org/pdfs/cgc/GK9GC1.pdf That first week was pretty scary but my foster Mom encouraged me and gave me some breaks. Each week became easier and easier as I really really love to learn new things.

In a training situation my heeling is impeccable! As a matter of fact today I did a level one rally course off leash! I was so focused on my foster Mom that the room full of people and other dogs didn't distract me at all. Rally is a lot of fun! http://www.akc.org/events/rally/

But you know I just might be good at agility too. I am already going over a couple jumps and going through the tunnel. I am a busy boy, I need a job or two to occupy my time.

Oh my gosh I almost forgot the best part of my stay here!

I, Rusty "the dog not allowed to run loose" has been herding sheep!

I know that is a lot in two months but if you have any doubts I included a link to my videos:


The trainer says I have tons of drive and the potential to make a great working sheep dog. In fact she has so much faith in me she has offered free herding lessons if I get adopted to a working farm. I spent a week with her and just loved following her around the farm and the walks on the trail. Take a look...

I got a rough start to life, being purchased at a pet shop at 6 months and then often tethered or crated. This has left me with some behavioral issues that my foster Mom says needs managing. Hey, nobodys perfect right! Here it is in a nutshell: I feel I have been locked in a crate enough already. I go into the crate when asked BUT when anyone tries to close the door I curl my lip and snarl. It's over in a heartbeat but I still feel the need to do it. Yeah we're working on it but no promises.

While I'm being honest, I guard my meals too. Same thing curl my lip and snarl if anyone gets to close. It happens only at mealtime. I safely take snacks, treats and lick a dish off, no problem!


When I first arrived I did a fair amount of shadowing now I am easily distracted only trying to shadow a couple times a day. Another bad habit I developed is chasing my tail. This too has greatly deminished since I arrived here. It mostly happens when company arrives; it's so exciting to meet new people you know. My foster Mom distracts me with a toy which I have to agree is a lot more fun!

Now let's get back to those cats...... I can live with cats but they must be dog savy. If they run I would consider them fair game. The two cats I live with now brush up against me and we sleep next to each other but they also know they can't out run a BC!

I won't be two until January so that helps explain my high energy. My trainability, loyalty, dog to dog skills and intellegience are some of my best qualities. Did I mention I absolutely love going for a ride? In a perfect world I would live on a farm with my new family. I will not need a fence unless the house is near the road as I have been known to chase cars. I'm thinking it would be best if in my new home I didn't get left alone for long periods. ( I would hate to lose my progress!) Doggy day care could be an option too. Children 12 and over works best for me due to my crate and food issues.

Oh one last thing... I have a bit of tummy trouble from time to time. My foster family has switched me to a raw diet and that has really done the trick! My foster mom will be happy to give my new family information on a raw diet if they need it.

If you think I would make a good fit I would love to become a member of your family.

Rusty is being fostered in Southern Maine

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