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Sport is a gorgeous, short-haired brown and white one year old border collie with soft brown eyes and an exuberant personality. Although he is large for a border collie, he has a positive nature, is full of joy and happiness with an active "bass drumming" tail that wags often. He is friendly and respectful with other dogs and can dine in a group of pets without showing any food issues. Hand held food is taken very gently. Sport is fine with children and is even willing to play dress-up (see photo). Some of his favorite things are having lots of things to chew, playing ball, and going for a ride in the van. There are parakeets in his foster home and after initially showing a passing in interest in them, he now ignores them completely.

Sport is a very energetic young man... a high energy dog...very active. He beams with happiness when he is participating in any game or sport. He has excellent speedy "ball herding" skills and would make a great companion for a sports-minded owner. He just loves long walks. At the end of the day he will often prefer to sit beside his foster dad on the couch and snuggle, resting his head in his lap. Sport is used to sleeping on the furniture, so this would need to be trained in a family that does not like this sort of thing.

In agility classes with his foster dad, Sport has been working on his focusing skills. In a short period of time, he has learned to do jumps, tunnels and the A-Frame. Sport could benefit from training to perfect his "down", learning how to wait at the door for permission to exit, and also continue to practice walking on a leash ( foster parents have been using a gentle leader).

He is also learning to control his excitement and not to jump when greeting a person. His recall is pretty good, but this could also use some more work. Sport wants to be involved in everything that is going on in the household, inside and out.

Leaving him alone when he knows his foster parents are doing something nearby causes him some anxiety. He would do best in a home where he does not need to be left alone for longe periods of time. Sport is a bit shy when first meeting people, but as he gets to know them, he bonds quickly. The more socialization he has in his new home, the better.

This is a charming, loving dog who would be perfect in an active family. His new home should have a large fenced area for Sport to run, play ball, and exercise. This dear border collie is just a big, lovable, caring, gentle boy.

Sport is UTD on shots and is being fostered in Central Maine.

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