Ollie is a 1 year old border Collie mix. Ollie is very athletic, smart, and stubborn. He needs more socializing and definitely needs one on one time to help with discipline from him being so stubborn. He is yard trained and will come if you call him but loves to have the ball or stick thrown for him.

He also has times where he wants to settle down and watch TV (he really does watch it) he gets along with dogs and kids but should definitely be introduced very slowly. He learns new tricks I would say quite easily but will get confused when learning to much at once.

He definitely has a lot of energy to run and play. He is crate trained and house trained, he sleeps in his crate at night and while I’m gone. He is also fence trained and is used to having a dog door. He has not shown any kind of aggression at all towards other animals or people, he just wants to play.

Please contact: Ashley Quintal
phone: (207) 446-3150
email: [email protected]