About Archie

Archie is a 6-month-old sweet, smart, and energetic border collie. He is very silly and happy but can turn on his serious side when working. He is doing great with his house manners, but still a young puppy who needs guidance. Archie has the best ears! Sometimes one ear is up, sometimes two are up, and sometimes both are out to the side.

Archie lived in the same home where he was born with his mom, dad, brother, and one older border collie. He loved to play with his mom and brother. He really enjoys living with other dogs. In his foster home he lives with other border collies. He is respectful of the older ones and loves to play with the younger ones. He likes to race, chase and wrestle. He also likes to share toys but will try to steal them away when one of the dogs has a toy he wants. While Archie is great with his BC housemates, he may not necessarily be good, immediately, with all dogs.

We are finding he needs slow, proper introductions and even then, he may not accept (so far what seems to be other breeds) but he is still young and learning. His forever home will need to be patient with Archie and continue to work with him on this.

Archie did see a cat in his previous home and was extremely interested (stalking). For this reason, we think a home without a cat would be best for him to thrive.

Archie is so happy and sweet with his foster family. Archie loves to be with his people. He gets so excited to see the whole family and seeks everyone out when he comes in from being outside or when his people get home. Archie is great with the girls he lives with who are 11 &14 so he should be fine living with older children. He likes to do tricks with them and get attention. He loves belly rubs.

Archie likes to play games with balls and toys. He loves squeaky toys. He will also get a bone and settle down on a dog bed and chew. Archie loves to work for treats and easily learns what you are looking for. He likes to lay by your feet when you are sitting down or doing a project.

Archie loves to go for walks in the woods, he has a good recall. He loves to run and explore with his dog friends.

Archie is also learning how to walk on the leash. He prefers to walk in quieter environments. A fenced yard is preferred because of his cautiousness.

Archie is very cautious and shy when in new situations and meeting new people and dogs. When he sees people or other dogs out on a walk he will bark. He is learning how to work through this and what to do but will need continued training. When meeting new people he will bark and be cautious at first but will warm up quickly. He can be a bit vocal at other times too. Archie loves to train and work for treats. He loves to learn tricks and is easily trainable.

Archie will need to live in a quieter home with a family who can continue his training and socialization. He needs someone to be active with and give him things to do and learn. He is very lovable and looking for the right home to grow and mature in.

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