While we do occasionally receive requests from other rescue groups to share home visit reports (and will do so ONLY with the applicant’s permission), we feel that it is the responsibility of each individual rescue group to properly screen their own adopters according to their specific policies and operating procedures. Any application submitted to NEBCR is kept private to the group, and your information will not be shared elsewhere.


It is against our policy to provide you with specific information on the person that fosters or adopts your dog. You will be required to sign a relinquishment agreement in which you give up all rights of ownership of your dog to the care of NEBCR, Inc. You will not have input as to who fosters or adopts your dog in the future, and you must trust that we will make all decisions in your dog’s best interests, based on our MANY years of experience in rescue and with Border Collies as a breed. We can provide you with general updates on your dog’s well-being only if you contact us in the future. IF an adopter wishes to be in contact with you, we can pass along your information to them, but it will be their decision.


We will not give out your personal or contact information to the previous owner of the dog you have adopted without your permission.


NEBCR, Inc. will NEVER sell or distribute the personal information submitted via our adoption application, foster home application, volunteer application or through our online store, to ANY third party. Such information will be retained solely for the use of New England Border Collie Rescue, Inc. (NEBCR)