About Fred

Fred is a handsome and sweet 2.5 year old male PB black and white border collie with the softest tummy. All he wants is to be petted and snuggled. He is moderate to low energy, calm, and loves to play, chew bones, and go for walks in the woods.
Fred grew up in a rural home with other dogs. He can be tentative around new things and fearful of new locations. With patience and time Fred does well at working through his fears.

He has started Intro to K9 Nose Work and is doing very well at it! He has quickly learned about clicker training, and has learned to lie down, stand, go to a mat and lie down, and put his front paws up, on cue. He has a great recall foundation and a nice loose leash walk. Fred excels at learning via shaping.

He does well with other dogs and would love a home with a calm playmate to help him build confidence. Fred doesn’t always pick up on subtle communications from other dogs when they have had enough but can easily be redirected and is quick to learn better ways to interact. He can take a moment to warm up when meeting new people but loves everyone with a preference to men.

He is relaxed with handling and great with cooperative care: he patiently lets you clip his nails, inspect his mouth, or give him a bath while he waits for his cookies or licks his peanut butter mat.

He has a difficult time jumping into the tub or into the car so something we’ve been working on is more body awareness and fitness.

Fred loves to play with toys and is great at dropping one toy to play with another, though he is still learning where his body and mouth are so he can sometimes be too rough. He also loves to run after a ball, though will prefer to chase other dogs if playing in a group. He has learned to retrieve a ball and bring it back, but has a tough time letting it go when another dog is around. He has a strong set of chompers and will sometimes ingest non-food items, so he needs close supervision with most toys.

The ideal home for Fred would provide him constant companionship (human and/or canine) and continue to patiently work through his fears and expand his world. Fred loves affection and training, and would be a great dog for someone interested in dipping their toe into dog sports such as nose work and agility once he has some foundational skills.

Please do not inquire about a particular dog until you have an APPROVED application on file.

  • Male
  • 2.5 y.o.
  • 52 lbs
  • 12+
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