About Jack

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Allow us to introduce you to Jack, a Border Collie mix. He has gorgeous markings and a medium coat with minimal shedding/care. He has the typical BC energy but settles well when it is time.

Jack came to us as a stray from a kindly neighbor who took him out of a corn field, gave him shelter, and notified NEBCR. He is currently in a foster home for evaluation, training, and social skills development.

Though Jack was a stray he surprisingly knows and/or has picked up quite the list of commands already. Want a “kiss” just ask, “go for a walk” oh yes he is ready, “go for a ride” loves to ride, “potty” great to have on a rainy day, “walk on” for keeping that forward motion. He will even go get a drink of water when told. This is only a partial list, Jack is eager to learn and please his person.

Jack will go into the living room when dinner is served. During ball play, he will come and ask for help if he can’t get to the ball to retrieve. He will while on a walk come and sit by your side when a car comes by continuing with the command “walk on”. (Current environment is dead end dirt road.)

Jack meets new people slowly, apparently shy from a previous life. He is very dog friendly and has been in a household with cats without incident. He has been exposed to several groups of new people, with slow introductions there was no concerns.

He has not been around small children since being in foster care. Being a young energetic boy we are working on personal boundaries as he jumps up when excited. His leash walking is also a work in progress.

Exercise is a very important component of Jack’s environment. Noting his herding dog heritage, he needs a good couple of hours per day of some sort of activity. Off lead, he is a fast runner. He might be a good sports dog candidate, perhaps Fly-Ball as he loves his ball. He will initiate self-play when he is bored, picking up a ball or other toy and throw it in the air, chase after it, and repeat.

Finally, he is a pleasure to have around, anxious to please, does not bark frequently, and adds a “Welcome Home” to the end of your day.

Please do not inquire about a particular dog until you have an APPROVED application on file.

  • Male
  • 1.5 y.o.
  • 45lbs
  • 10+
  • Yes
  • Some
  • Yes
  • Yes with treats
  • Required
  • Preferred
  • NO
  • Bea