About Jackpot

What do you say when you find a border collie puppy who is smart, sweet, cuddly, and adorable? You say “JACKPOT!” And you would be right.

Jackpot is a 12 month old smooth coat border collie puppy who loves his people and loves to snuggle. He came to NEBCR when his owner needed to surrender him and his brother. On evaluation, Jackpot passed with flying colors.

Jackpot came to us a bit timid and under-socialized, but he is a brave boy and has come out of his shell. He is friendly with most people. He originally showed more hesitation around men, but he warms up quickly.

He is all legs, at that silly growth stage where his body is trying to become an adult. He has beautifully expressive eyes and uses them to capture your heart.

And then there are his teeth… Jackpot has an overbite. It is not just an overbite; it is the mother of all overbites.

We consulted with a veterinary dentist and there is good news! Despite it being categorized as a Severe Class 2 Malocclusion, the good news is that his lower canines came in behind the upper canines and are not hitting the palate, and the lower incisors are not hitting the palate.

This means he can chew quite effectively and there is no surgical treatment indicated. Since his front teeth dont really scrape against anything to keep them clean, brushing his teeth is a necessity. The vet also recommended specific dental chews.

The only functional issues that have been observed are that he prefers softer food, but he will eat a high quality kibble with no issues. When you feed him from your hand, it is best to place the food in his mouth rather than expecting him to pick it up, but he is pretty adaptable.

The other functional difference is that when he tries to lick his people, the upper teeth scrape against you as he tries to reach you with his tongue. He is learning to position his head to minimize that.

Jackpot is food motivated and loves to please. He enjoys training. He is still a puppy and is working on proper manners, but he is progressing.

He loves toys and will destroy plushies if given the chance. However, if they are used interactively, he is engaged and loves the play.

He interacts well with the dogs in his foster home. They range from 1 yr to 16 yrs old. He seems to understand the difference.

The dogs are both border collies and small dogs. He has not been tested on cats.

Jackpot is a diamond in the rough who just needs the right family to be his world.

Please do not inquire about a particular dog until you have an APPROVED application on file.

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  • 1 y.o.
  • 10+
  • See bio (slow introductions)
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