About Molly

Just look at that eternal puppy face on this girl. Molly is a spunky, little 7yo girl looking to be someones companion. For a Border Collie she is pretty low key. Of course, she loves to play ball for exercise, but Molly says hey 10 minutes here and there during the day is plenty. Molly is very treat motivated, loves to do cues and catches on very quickly. She would make a great trick dog. She has been introduced to nose work which she enjoyed showing great interest.

Molly is very adaptable fitting into her foster homes’ routine quickly. She has a low to medium energy level with a nice off switch. She is neutral with other dogs as long as they respect her space then she may give them a warning.  Honestly, she is a homebody and would not be unhappy being an only dog receiving all the attention.

When in the yard she does not bark at people passing by, neighbors or other dogs. She makes up for this on her car rides. Molly is a talker when it comes to riding in the car, she wants everyone to know Molly is out and about! In general, she is a quiet girl except for some play growling when pushing the ball back into your lap in a game of fetch.

Molly needs a fenced in yard because she has an intense yearning to chase small critters including cats. She will need a cat free home so she can concentrate on her new family and not cat stalking. She would like nothing more than have a family that is retired or works from home. She would spend hours in the home office with foster Dad being perfectly content. When not supervising the office, she would be following foster Mom around the house helping with the daily routine. She actually prefers inside being a little uncomfortable in unfamiliar places outside. She needs someone patient to show her the world has a lot to offer her.

If you are looking for a sweet, lovable, smart girl and think your family would meet her needs please reach out.

Please do not inquire about a particular dog until you have an APPROVED application on file.

  • Female
  • 7 y.o.
  • 33 lbs
  • 12+
  • does best with slow intros
  • NO
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Not required
  • Yes
  • NO
  • Bea