About Phoebe


Two months ago Phoebe came from NY to Maine to be our foster dog. She had been a stray and ended up in a shelter when NEBCR stepped up to help. The first challenge was her isolation/separation anxiety which was through the roof. She was very thin and not completely housebroken. She was sweet but intense in her need for attention, exercise and play. She didn’t have a lot of house manners and found trouble every chance she got. We wondered what we got ourselves into. The first few weeks she was here my life revolved around her as we couldn’t leave her home alone, let alone in a room alone without her immediately panicking, pacing, circling and pottying (both in and out of a crate).

She slowly (or quickly, depending on perspective) learned our routines, and became more comfortable and secure. We think she might always have some anxiety when left alone for more than a few hours, but we are working with her on that and can’t blame her for feeling the way she does. However, she has more wonderful qualities than I could fit on a piece of paper. The bottom line is she has worked her way into our hearts and we have decided to adopt her. After losing a special NEBCR border collie in June, it is scary but exciting to love again. Thank you to all who were involved in rescuing Phoebe and getting her to her forever home with us. We love her so much already and look forward to a wonderful future for both her and us.

  • Female
  • 1 y.o.