About Sally


Sally made her way to NEBCR after being picked up as a stray in New York. We agreed to foster this sweet girl who seemed to love everyone. The first potential obstacle was seeing if she would get along with our young reactive border collie male, Blue. Sally wasn’t phased or bothered by his antics that first day and after just 24 hours they were coexisting well. The next day (and everyday since) they became best friends, romping and playing. We were thrilled!

While Sally was very people and dog friendly, she did come with some issues. She was snapping at our senior dog over treats, toys and for no reason whatsoever. We understood how a stray could exhibit resource guarding behaviors and were able to prevent it from escalating. Overtime she has slowly gotten much better in this arena. She was also exhibiting other issues like poor household manners including jumping up, over and on counters, furniture, high shelves and other non-dog-friendly items. Sally seems to have a need to be up as high as she can get! In addition we faced challenges with house training and her need to chew. We literally couldn’t take our eyes off of her for a second.

As the days and weeks passed significant progress was made in all these areas and in the meantime, Sally was becoming part of our family and inseparable from Blue. We decided on a recent Sunday, that we wanted to adopt her after realizing she had become such an important part of our family. The next day we tragically lost our senior dog unexpectedly in a severe cardiac incident. While we grieved losing our senior boy, we were grateful to have made the decision beforehand to add Sally, who we now call Misha, when we did. And I am happy to report that she and Blue are living a full and happy life. With Misha’s sweet disposition we are looking into pursuing therapy dog certification. She loves to train which has also started her on a path to agility and trick training.

Little did we know when Misha came into our lives she would be the one to help heal our hearts from our loss. We are looking forward to where life with Misha will lead us in the years to come.

  • Female
  • 1 y.o.