About Violet

Meet Violet! Violet came to NEBCR via a Maine shelter, where she was relinquished at 4 months old. Violet might not look like a typical Border Collie, but according to Embark she is 55% Border Collie, 35% Cattle Dog and 10% Miniature Australian Shepherd. Think: small package, big personality and potential.

Violet embodies everything that people love about herding breeds- intelligent, athletic, up for anything, loyal to her people and insane focus when given a job. She also has all those traits that scare people away- herding instincts that get her in trouble with dogs and humans, endless energy and never seems to stop, always needing to “work” and know what her job was.

Photo Credit: Gina Soule Photo

It was clear to her foster mom that before coming into rescue Violet had probably outsmarted her first family and had begun to make up her own rules/establish some less-than-desirable habits,
which probably drove that family a little bonkers.

Since coming into rescue Violet has gotten a good start in learning all the rules to life and channeling her brilliance for good not evil, but will without a doubt need an experienced forever home who is looking for their next sports partner and wants to train, train, train ALL the
things. Violet simply is not a dog that would do well in a first time or companion dog home.

Photo Credit: Gina Soule Photo

While in her foster home Violet has become a confident and focused teenager at 7 months old, but still is working on controlling her impulses. This mostly manifests as wanting to herd and nipping at things when excited or bored, and being frustrated at seeing other dogs on leash.

Photo Credit: Gina Soule Photo

She’s come a long way with both these things and now gives the best snuggles and kisses to your hands (instead of trying to wrestle them with her puppy teeth), learned to keep a toy in her mouth and not another dog’s butt fluff, and has discovered that it isn’t always a big deal to see another dog on a walk. The world truly disappears for Violet when she is engaged and knows what is expected of her, but her adopter should be prepared for Violet to continue to need to work on these things with the transition to her new home.

Violet has also worked on being confident in new situations. She is not at all noise sensitive, but was very nervous at first when going new places and seeing new people. She greets strangers like a long lost best friends and loves a good trip to a dog friendly store, but could work on her self-preservation skills as she is now very “leap first, look later”.

Her adopter will need to continue making sure that new experiences are positive, as she is still very impressionable.

Due to Violet’s herding tendencies and unsuccessful experience living with children in her previous home, we will not be placing her with younger children or in a home that is likely to have older children coming and going frequently.

Violet currently lives with a senior Border Collie and, when the mood strikes her, is extremely annoying to him. At first Violet was very dramatic any time he told her to stop and they did need time to work out their relationship.

A dog with another personality might find Violet more fun, but she will need a slow introduction to any future canine siblings as her herding dog puppy energy can come on way too strong and in your face for many dogs’ liking.

It is unknown how Violet is with cats, but we have plans to find out.
Violet is still a puppy, and will need her adopter to be vigilant of potty training, chewing on inappropriate things, and all the things that could go wrong with a too smart puppy who is more than ready to keep herself busy in all the wrong ways.

Fun facts about Violet:

  • Her favorite store is Lowe’s.
  • She is an expert at taking the inserts out of sneakers and shoes.
  • Her favorite place to sleep is burrowed under the covers with you and she gives the best snuggles.
  • She does not like peanut butter.
  • She would love agility to be one of her jobs.
  • She is more toy motivated than food motivated, but will take either.
  • She sneaks random household items outside. Her foster mom has found a range of random things in the yard (Bananagrams, flashlight, dish sponge).
  • She is being fostered in Maine.
  • Her date of birth is 10/24/2023

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  • Female
  • 8 months
  • 25 lbs
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  • Katie Anderson