Five Reasons - Quincy
  1. Look at that face! Older dogs can be extra endearing. It feels good to provide senior dogs with love, comfort and the best of care so that they can enjoy their well-earned golden years. They make great friends and they still have a lot of love left to give!
  2. Older dogs are already trained! Wouldn’t it be great not to worry about teaching basic commands and not have to potty train? You would likely have no worries about destructive chewing, and senior dogs generally enjoy more cuddling. Who doesn’t love to cuddle?
  3. Many dogs in their later years require less exercise and are generally more easygoing, mellow and less demanding of your time. Senior dogs may still enjoy a good walk and playtime, but if you miss a day or two it’s not a big deal! Happily imagine a calm, contented dog who enjoys naps and is easy to care for. Does it get any better?
  4. They need you! People generally overlook older dogs, worrying they may not have many years with them. However, Border Collies often live well into their teens. Loving older dogs, for as long as we are lucky to have them, is a gift to them and us. You can make a real difference in the world by being one of the caring people who adopt older dogs.
  5. NEBCR offers The Pat Sides Seniors for Seniors Program that offers financial incentives and support for those adopters age 60 and older who wisely choose to adopt a senior dog (a dog who is 10 years or older).