Hi, I’m Sadie & I’m ready for an active new family who will take me on nice long walks/hikes, play with me in the yard & ensure I get the mental stimulation I need too! I love to be busy outside but as you can see, I settle down very nicely inside & love human attention. I have some skin allergies that are managed w/ antihistamines & baths and my fur looks beautiful doesn’t it? I have left hip dysplasia but it doesn’t stop me one bit right now! Just keep giving me my Cosequin & fish oil and I trust you and your vet will make good decisions for me as I age.

My leash manners are very good but if I see another dog, I like to talk to them because I really LOVE playing with other dogs. So if you have one, especially an adult pup around my size, that would be a big plus – a fenced yard is a double plus! I have a little whine when I want something which is pretty cute if I do say so myself. I love to play with toys and I recently learned that chasing sticks and balls is well…a ball! Oh, I’m a picky eater but the people can share some tricks they’ve used w/ me & tell you all the treats I like best. I haven’t ever been crated but I never chew stuff either. And I like cats! One time I even had a favorite kitten who slept on my bed with me….awwww!!

If you think I can thrive in your home, please email [email protected] & you can find lots of info on Dogs In Need Everywhere (DINE) on FB!

Name: Sadie
Breed: Border Collie/Husky Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 6.5 yrs.
52 lbs.
UTD rabies, distemp/parvo/bordatella
Negative for heartworm
Cats: yes
Other dogs: yes/require meet & greet
Kids: older/require meet & greet
Other: fenced yard big plus!