Welcome to NEBCR Newsletter & Journal

Dear Friends and Family of NEBCR:

Welcome to the NEBCR Newsletter & Journal.

We want this to be your publication. In order for that to happen we need you to send in news, stories and photos of your rescue Border Collies. Don’t worry about how it looks or sounds. That’s what the editor is for.

We also hope to have content to educate the public on our breed: how it acts, how it looks, how it’s different from other collie breeds and how it’s the same. About what is important to know about the breed before they adopt. We want articles on the activities you enjoy with your dog: flyball, agility, herding, and other dog sports, or just hiking, playing ball, or just chilling. And about what’s happening in the organization itself. We also hope to present general articles and stories that represent our breed.

The NEBCR Newsletter & Journal will be published bi-monthly on the third Monday of the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November. Deadlines for submissions will be the first Monday of the months mentioned above, or two weeks before the newsletter goes to “press”. We can’t do this alone, so it’s up to you: please send your content and pictures to us at [email protected]